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Press Release

CHRC releases Training Gaps Analysis for
Below-the-Line Film and Television Workers

May 30th, 2008

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is pleased to announce the release of a Training Gaps Analysis (TGA) for Below-the-Line Film and Television Workers. This snapshot of training needs and offerings will help guide the industry and its National Training Advisory Council (NTAC) in the effective deployment of the country's training resources.

The TGA outlines two major training challenges: "Boom or Bust" - the volatile nature of the industry; and "Turf Wars" - based on fear of redundancy, distrust and competition.

It then goes on to look at general training gaps related to entry level, emerging, and senior workers.

Finally, the TGA provides thumbnail sketches of job-specific training gaps in positions under the following categories: production staff, assistant directors, production design, grip and electric, camera, sound, and post-production.

All in all the TGA makes 32 recommendations and includes many best practices from across the country to inspire and instruct.

A roundtable of below-the-line workers, unions, associations and funders from across Canada met in Ottawa to review and validate the report before it was finalized. CHRC and the NTAC will be discussing ways to follow up on the recommendations. For example, CHRC will be developing course content to help provide the skills needed by production accountants.

This document can be found on the CHRC website.

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