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Press Release

September 2007

Ottawa - The Cultural Human Resources Council CHRC is proud to announce the release of a unique online course: Critical Thinking for Cultural Managers learning module.

In association with the Council of Ontario Universities, Learning Advanced Essential Skills Online (LAESO) initiative, this interactive module builds on the conceptual framework of the CHRC's Competency Profile to further clarify the roles critical thinking plays in cultural management.

Funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program and developed by emerging Cultural Managers this material is designed allow practicing Cultural Managers to engage with various aspects of "critical thinking" as it pertains to their everyday work.

These aspects include generating innovative directions for one's organization; finding commonalities across divergent groups and interests; and responding to, and productively negotiating conflict and contingency as they arise. Content for this module, comprising 2 to 3 hours of engagement, will consist of various definitions of "critical thinking", in accessible and relevant language; short self-assessment exercises; and a series of interactive case stories depicting everyday problems or issues in which Cultural Managers must put their critical thinking skills into play.

Major topics discussed throughout this module include Creating a "Big Plan", Developing a Network, Administrating the "Big Plan, and Generating Change. "Interactive scenarios" allow for the opportunity to take on the role of a new Project Manager having to put critical thinking skills in play in articulating a vision and strategy to other key members of your organization.

Susan Annis, Executive Director of the Cultural Human Resources Council notes: "This course is designed to sharpen critical thinking skills for Cultural Managers. Developed with the advice and direction of practicing Cultural Managers, it is lively and practical, reflecting their day-to-day realities. We hope it will resonate with Managers across the sector."

This online module is available on CHRC's web site.

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