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Press Release

August 2007

CHRC Launches New Training Resource in Rights Management
for the Music Industry

Ottawa - The reality of today's music business is that rapidly advancing technology has spawned new uses and applications that are being brought to market on a constant basis changing the business in a multitude of ways. To help the industry maximize the benefits of these burgeoning opportunities through well informed rights management, CHRC is proud to announce the release of a unique training resource: An Overview of Rights Management for the Music Industry.

Written by two leading Canadian rights experts in the music industry, Brian Chater, former Executive Director of CIRPA, and Stéphane Gilker, lawyer with Fasken Martineau in Montreal, this document includes:

  • An Overview of the Music Industry in Canada
  • Basic Principles of Copyright
  • Case Studies relating to Ring Tones, Synchronisation, Internet Use and DVD's.

It is designed to provide useful day-to-day operational information from both business and legal perspectives. The sections deal with operating and jurisdictional realities across the country, including differences between Quebec and other areas of Canada, explained through theory and practical example in the case studies.

Funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program, this material is designed as the most up-to-date reference material for a Rights Management course taught at the college or university level, or offered by professional associations.

Susan Annis, Executive Director of the Cultural Human Resources Council notes: "In our extensive consultations with the music industry across the country, the need for up-to-date resource material on Rights Management was at the top of most people's list. CHRC is pleased to have engaged two of Canada's most recognized experts on rights in the music industry to prepare this training resource. We are certain that it will be a valuable tool for musicians and educators across the country."

This training resource is available to CHRC members on CHRC's web site (readable only format). If you are interested in using it as a training resource on Rights Management please contact Susan Annis at or by phone at 613-562-1535 ext. 22.

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