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Press Release

August 2007

CHRC Launches New Training Offering in Convergence Media

"The line between segments of the entertainment industries are beginning to blur as
screens proliferate beyond cineplex and living rooms... CHRC's Convergence Media
Project is a bold step towards navigating the future of Canadian entertainment."
Ryan FitzGerald, Convergence Media Training Coordinator

Ottawa -As the film and television and new media industries are seeking to tap into the creative and economic potential of content created and produced for multiplatform delivery, CHRC is proud to announce the release of its cutting edge Convergent Media Course Syllabus.

Some of Canada's brightest creative and business minds in new media and film and television worked side by side to create this course. Its unique training template brings together the linear and non-linear story telling of film and television, and new media, and provides guidance in developing convergence projects with an emphasis on actual hands on project development through teamwork. The 18 sessions include instruction in writing business models, considering funding approaches, and setting timelines.

It is designed for use by professional associations and educators/ trainers etc. to facilitate and encourage training in convergence projects across the country, to allow our cultural industries to take full advantage of multiplatform delivery.

Susan Annis, Executive Director of the Cultural Human Resources Council notes: "The Convergence Media course explores the possibilities of "convergence" for Canada's new channels of entertainment. Aimed at film, television and new media writers, directors, producers and project managers, it explores the great artistic and economic potential of cutting edge convergence projects."

If you are interested in using this Course Syllabus to present a course on Convergence Media please contact Susan Annis at or by phone at 613-562-1535 ext. 22.

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