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March 2007

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Careers in Culture Online

OTTAWA - Getting young people to explore the many possibilities of a career in Canada's cultural sector has never been easier - or as fun!

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) is thrilled to announce the launch of Careers in Culture Online.

Engaging and interactive, Careers in Culture Online leads you through what you need to know about and what skills you need to have for a career in the vast and diverse arts and culture sector.

Along with job search strategies, training requirements, job interview tips and interest and aptitude quizzes, these sites also feature examples of cover letters and resumes, instructions on how to create a demo or portfolio, and live testimonials from people in the "biz".

First produced and disseminated throughout the Canadian school system as six booklets including, The Mind's Eye (for visual arts and crafts), Now Hear This (for music and sound recording), Words on the Move (for writing and publishing), The Interactive Zone (for new media), and The Art of Storytelling (for the heritage sub-sector) and The Spotlight's On (for film and television), the Careers in Culture series grew quickly in popularity with students, high school counselors, educators and professionals searching new career paths.

Today, with the addition of two more subject areas - the Live Performing Arts and Cultural Management - these online adaptations display fresh and current information, which allow users of any age to explore the potential for work within the cultural sector.

Educators will also be pleased to know that a useful Teachers' Guide and Activity Kit accompany Careers in Culture Online.

"These rich and thoughtful resources are designed to show the many and diverse possibilities for a career in the arts and culture. At the same time they provide a reality check about work as a Canadian artist or cultural worker which is both demanding and highly rewarding." (Susan Annis, CHRC Executive Director)

The development and the revision of Careers in Culture Online was funded by the Government of Canada's Sector Council Program.

The Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC) strives to be at the centre of vision and forward thinking in the area of cultural human resources development. CHRC brings together representatives of arts disciplines and cultural industries in the cultural sector to address the training and career development needs of cultural workers - artists, creators, technical staff, managers and all others engaged professionally in the sector, including the self-employed. To become a member of CHRC please visit our website.

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