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> CHRC'S Mission

To strengthen the Canadian cultural workforce by providing leadership and innovative solutions to human resource issues and to better the HR environment within the cultural sector.

Technology is transforming almost every job in the cultural sector - from the way companies are organized and the way they market their products, to the media through which works are created, produced, conserved and brought to the public. At the same time, however, technology is opening up new avenues to reach and engage audiences. The globalization of markets which technology permits is creating new opportunities for Canadian products abroad, while intensifying competition from other countries.

Socio-demographic changes, competition from other activities, declining public funding and the need to create revenue from other sources also present profound challenges to the sector.

These issues are at the heart of CHRC's day-to-day activities. The future will bring irrevocable change and unparalleled opportunity for the cultural sector, and CHRC strives to ensure that Canadian cultural workers are well prepared.