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Success Stories - Interns

Urmi Bardhan
Junior Business Affairs and Development
The Nightingale Company

Urmi Bardhan found the film industry hard to break into. Having a chance to be an intern at the Nightingale Company gave her a first step into the discipline.

During the internship, Urmi learned about new segments of the film production process, in particular pre-production and co-production. She found every day to be different, and she learned more about her own skills.

With access to established producers, she could develop her professional networks and scout future projects. She believes that such networking opportunities are an essential part of career development, especially early in one's career.

Seika Boye
Research Assistant
Dance Collection Danse

Working with Arts Inter-Media Canada / Dance Collection Danse allowed Seika Boye to contribute full-time, and on a regular basis, to something that she is passionate about. She describes the best thing in her internship not as a single event but rather the progress she experienced during the internship.

Seika advises that creating a working relationship is central to an internship. She would mentor someone in the future because it offers the mentor a chance to put a young person in an empowering situation where their capabilities and independence are encouraged.

Anne-Frédérique Champoux
Library Intern
Literary and Historical Society of Québec

Anne-Frédérique Champoux had a great mentor who communicated her passion about the work, which allowed her to discover her own passion - to be a librarian. She also had the opportunity to learn about management, supervising staff and volunteers and new tools.

There were some surprises during the internship. Because most of the staff and research tools were in English, Anne-Frédérique had to do a lot of work in her second language. In addition, she had more job freedom and responsibilities than she expected, which might be intimidating for someone with little experience in the cultural sector or in a particular discipline.

Andrea Cheng-Baker
Administrative Intern
Dancer Transition Resource Centre

Andrea Cheng-Baker found that working in an arts service organisation with unique needs provided a great internship opportunity. The fact that it was a national office serving dancers across Canada made it very interesting.

During the internship, Andrea realized what part of arts management was of particular interest to her, which helped her to focus her career path on hands-on event planning. She looks forward to becoming a mentor because it offers a fresh perspective for being creative.

Samuel Côté
Market Development and Tour Management
Boulev'Art Inc.

Although he studied international relations, the internship at Boulev'Art allowed Samuel Côté to be immersed in the field of cultural management. As a result, he decided to focus his career path on work as an artist manager.

During the internship, Samuel learned a new type of music, computer skills and how to market classical music. He had to make sales calls in English, which was hard at first as English is his second language. The unexpected departure of a staff member during the internship period provided Samuel with the opportunity to learn even more about the organisation, and working in the cultural sector in general.

François Mireault

With few opportunities to work in writing and publishing, François Mireault found that an internship is a good way to get experience in the discipline. He was involved in writing and public relations within the organisation, as well as learning about editing.

François suggests that interns should be open to all sorts of opportunities during their internships. He was surprised to learn that the work environment allowed for the development of close mentor-intern relationships, and saw first-hand that it is important for the mentor and the intern to learn from each other. He looks forward to mentoring someone in the future.

Jeannette Stevenson
Administration and Communications Management Trainee
Art Starts Neighbourhood Cultural Centre

For Jeannette Stevenson, the internship was a very good experience. She received training and hands-on experience in almost every aspects of working in a cultural organisation. She learned new skills in many areas of cultural administration, such as sponsorship, space management, office management, program coordination and development, marketing, public relations, grant writing, and so forth.

Reflecting on the internship, Jeannette realized that, in addition to learning new skills, the supportive and meaningful mentor-intern relationship created a positive environment for her personal growth.

Geneviève Chassé
Communications and Administrative Assistant
Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

Geneviève Chassé is grateful for her internship at the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation because it allowed her to gain a spectrum of skills. Before beginning her internship Geneviève showed interest and knowledge in dance but had no work experience. Being a small organisation, the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation allowed her to work closely with her mentor and explore several facets of cultural administration.

Geneviève's internship focused on the planning of a Canadian Dance Tour and the coordination of communications activities. It not only provided her with hands-on experience in tour planning and public relations, but also in assisting an artist, maintaining a website, archiving and writing grant applications. These experiences have given her skills sets that she will benefit from throughout her career.